We were lucky again to get 1 ride from Taupo to Napier, a city in Hawke's Bay. This city was destroyed by an earthquake in the 30s. They used the popular 'art deco' style to rebuild it and now this city is well known for it. They even have a festival to celebrate the art deco history. The region of Hawke's Bay is also known for its vineyards and that was a good reason to stay for more than one day.

So the first day we took some time to explore the city, although the last bus to our camping was at 5:15 PM... There was not a lot to do on the camping so we cooked ourselves some pasta and had some good wine. The wine here is amazing and we decided to sing up for these vineyard - wine tasting tour thing, since were in a good region. While we thought we'd learn a lot about the different kinds of wine. We ended up learning how to smell the wine and... just drink it... It was just a lot of fun, but please don't ask me what kind of wine I like!

After the wine tasting afternoon, we had a little walk to the port of the city. I really thought it was going to rain because the sky was getting darker and darker. It was transforming in some sort of electric blue. With just a little ray of sunlight that made it all even prettier.

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