weekend in rotterdam

Last week, we made a weekend trip to our northern neighbors, the Netherlands. It's only a 1h45min drive from my hometown, so it was perfect for a little trip to enjoy this incredible sunshine that has been happening the past week in Europe! I feel like screaming out loud that summer has arrived but I guess I shouldn't celebrate too fast. It's Europe after all…

Anyway. The good weather, a lot of walking and good food were the recipe for this great trip. Here are the photos!



A couple of you have been asking how I edit my pictures and I promised them to make a post about this so here we go.

I noticed that it's not always as easy to edit your pictures in Photoshop. I'm not a professional photographer myself but I do like to get professional looking effects. About a year ago I discovered this plugin for Photoshop called RadLab. At first I wasn't quiet sure if it is actually worth spending money on a plugin like this. But I have to say… After my 14 days of free trial, I was so addicted that I had to :-) It's the best fun to play around with, seriously, this can keep me busy for days and the best part: it's super easy and the result is just stunning.

RadLab comes with pre made filters. There are filters to sharpen your pictures, filters with modern colors, vintage colors (fell in love with these immediately), black&white filters and other effects. These are all adjustable and you can mix and match. Basically you have endless possibilities!! All my pictures were edited with different mixes of all these filters (and sometimes filters I found elsewhere). Oh, you can also save your filter recipes to work even faster. See, things like this just make me happy :-)

So let's start with some mixes of the vintage filters, I made some examples for you:

First photo is a mix of 'Skinny Jeans' and 50% of the 'Lux Soft' filter. The 'Skinny Jeans' is definitely one of my favorites as you might already have noticed in my blogposts...

This filter is called 'Rumpus'.

'Blueberry Cobbler' + I put up the color warmth in the picture with 15%.

This is one of my favorite filters for pictures taken on a rainy day. It's called 'Montecito'.

'Flora' + I put up the light with 10%.

A mix of 25% extra light + 'Boutwell Magic Glasses' + 'Vanilla Kiss'.

'Montecito' + 20% of 'Skinny Jeans'.

'Vanilla Kiss' + 'Skinny Jeans'.

The 'Handlebar Moustache' filter gets a little grain in the picture, which I like a lot.

50% 'Blueberry Cobbler' + 50% 'Pistachio'.

Really hope this was a good help. If you want to get the plugin / the free trail, don't forget to check out their website here!.