Asian food and surprise packages

More pictures are on their way. But first some cooking! I used to look at the drawings of the website 'They Draw And Cook' a lot but I never decided to put one of my own on there until today. After spending a week in bed, with some sort of flu and a nasty cough, it is about time to do something useful again! I'm still working on some graphic design projects but this is just something I love to do. The recipe I drew is one of my favorites that I make here in Bondi. It's easy and done in about 10 minutes. The recipe is based on one of the 15 minute recipes of Jamie Oliver. But he makes it a lot more complicated and preparing that dish takes me about 45 minutes instead of 15... Oops, that's probably just me ;-) Anyway, I hope you like it as well and may lots of illustrations follow... You can view the full size image here and hopefully soon on the 'They Draw And Cook' website as well!

So what else has been going on... I quit my little receptionist job - it was just a big waste of time! Then the weather got a little bit colder as in 21-23 degrees, which is called autumn/winter here. So my body decided to go with the seasons and give me a good old traditional 'the-winter-is-coming-flu'. But that gave me the time to spend my days on the couch, doing just nothing, which I appreciated after 6 weeks of working 7 days a week in a place I didn't like at all.

The other day I decided to buy myself a nice bicycle. I was biking to work first (about 24km forth and back - uphill downhill - Yea, these Sydney roads are not made for little bikers like me) but then I quit the job and now I'm just biking around town which is just lovely - and exhausting... Yes, lots of mountains. Did I ever call the 'Tiensestraat' in Leuven a mountain? ;-) I was clearly not thinking. That street is not even a hill compared to the steep streets here. But at least I got a compliment of a nice granny that I had a 'wonderful' bike. Well, I appreciate it because it really is a beauty - and it has a basket - do I need to say more?! (Pictures on their wayyy)

Oh, I'd also like to say another 'NEN DIKKE MERCI' to the girls for sending me this amazing package with the hudo book (some sort of weird toilet writing tradition that we have... and that we'd like to keep) and this customized knickers... I had the best laugh in ages (and the worst cough attack afterwards but it was definitely worth it)! You made this little sickie very happy, thanks!


travel time line

I'm living a busy life at the moment, so updating the blog is one big fail. But now it's time for some illustrations. I made a timeline of my travel experiences to introduce myself at SheSays Sydney. You can view or download the whole image here

I have some more news as well, I'm meeting my friend Fien from Ghent in Bali in september! Yes, I'm very excited!