blue mountain hiking

We had a visitor in Bondi this weekend. Emilia, a friend from Belgium who had been traveling around the East Coast for the past seven months, joined us for a couple of days in Bondi. We decided to leave the city and head into the mountains. To the Blue Mountain National Park, a place that I've been wanting to visit for a long time but it just never happened.

Waking up too early to take the train, and arrive 3 hours later with a real winter feeling. It was about 10 degrees over there but it felt even colder after this hot Australian summer. It didn't look like the Australia that I've seen before. The little village where we started our hike reminded me of New Zealand, but it also kind of reminded me of the Ardennen in Belgium. Or maybe it was just the company of 'ons Emil' that gave me the ultimate we-are-on-camp-in-the-ardennen feeling. Anyways, we hiked for about 4 hours from the the three sisters rocks over the cliffs, all the way to the Gordon Falls. Trained all our leg muscles and our Flemish language. The good old memories from our childhood were heard by all the mountains, trees and beautiful parrots while we were talking and laughing about them for the whole day. And of course, lots of pictures were taken of the beautiful views, of 'Sasha' the traveling teddybear and everything else that we bumped into on this little trip. Here's a little selection:


aussie happiness

Yesterday made me so happy. First of all, I went on my little morning walk on the coastal walk from Bondi to Bronte. Nothing special you'd think but when I arrived in Bronte, I noticed that everyone was looking at the ocean. Literally everyone. So I had a look as well... A group of dolphins was passing the coastline. Jumping in and out of the water. Just amazing. While I was walking back I could see them swim from Bronte to Bondi. I did not expect to see that! That would definitely NEVER happen at home. Please, can I stay here forever?!

Later that day, in the evening, the girls and I noticed a nice little rainbow in North Bondi when we were looking at the ocean from our balcony. I decided to go outside to take a picture and while walking back I saw this beautiful thing. I did't even need to photoshop these pictures, they're just perfect! Pretty pretty Bondi, pretty pretty Australia.


paddington - autumn style

A grey autumn Saturday. While everybody was working, I decided to take a little walk in Paddington (Sydney) and I took my camera with me. I did't expect that there was so much going on. I knew about the Paddington Markets but this was a little disappointing... What I did find were some free photography expositions in the Paddington Reservoir and in the Australian Centre for Photography (located on Oxford St.) which I liked a lot and some pop up markets like the Unicorn Market in the Unicorn Hotel and some cheap second hand book shops and book swaps on the side of the road. Let's say, some good surprises!

A wonderful bike of the pre-brompton age - Australian Style.
The leaves fall of the trees during autumn in Australia as well... but just slightly different ;-)


daily life in bondi

Life lately in Bondi... Dinner parties, going out for breakfast & still a lot of sunshine.