5 inspiring photography blogs

Can we ever have enough inspirational blogs on our blog read list? I don’t think so. There’s nothing I like better than scrolling through beautiful storytelling pictures on a lazy Wednesday night. Let me share some of my favorites at the moment!

She has an analog camera collection that every photographer would be jealous of. There's an amazing atmosphere in every single picture she takes. They're all peaceful. Oh, she also has got one of the prettiest instagram feeds I've seen around so far. Inspiration for every day! 

Check out her blog here!

searching for tomorrow

Not just the stunning lay-out makes this blog breath taking. The pictures are so beautiful and big. They're soaking in beautiful light and feel so pure. Whenever I’m looking at Kitty & Nathans pictures, it feels like I was just there. Living in their moments. 

Check out their blog out here!

Regina Leah

The colors in these pictures were the first thing I had my eye on. To me they are perfect! Regina, the girl behind this blog, surprised me with her beautiful (self)portraits, stunning locations and wonderful color schemes. 

Check out her blog here!

Fix my Camera

Anna left me a comment a couple of posts ago, and I immediately fell in love with her blog. This Polish lady takes the most gorgeous analog photographs. I made me run to the shop and get some new films for my own analog camera. A great source of inspiration!

Check out her blog here!


With a mix of travel pictures and photographs out of her daily life, the Australian photographer behind this blog, knew how to get my attention. I love how she includes people in het images and how real it all feels.

Check out her blog here!

Do you have some photography favorites yourself? 


Hamburg photo diary - Karolinenviertel

One of my favorite parts of the city was the Karolinenviertel. With its young, creative and alternative atmosphere it just kept surprising me in a good way. Great shops, cafes, restaurants, urban gardens, street art, flee marktes and other hang out spots close to a really pretty park called Planten un Blomen. Perfect to spend your day relaxing and enjoying some local food.



There's nothing I like more than analog pictures. It's just too bad it can get quite expensive... Another problem I usually get is that I forget to bring my analog camera while I have my iPhone or digital camera with me all the time. And last but not least, you usually get very similar effects on all pictures. Well... I found a solution! It's time to make your digital photos analog!

So what is this amazing analog making photo editor that I'm talking about? It's an app for you mac, called Analog (what a surprise ;) ), available in the Mac App Store. The app costs 8,99 euros and for this price you get 35 filters and optional 15 borders. I discovered this a couple of years ago and it used to be my number one editing tool. Lately I've just been using it now and then for cool effects or to upgrade some pictures but let's be honest, it's still one of my favorite apps. I'm not saying it is replacing the fun of a real analog camera but it's just another fun toy for photo editing on the computer :) And did I tell you it is super easy in use?!

Let me show you my favorite Analog filters!

Want more? Read my post about RadLab photo editing!


Hamburg photo diary - Hafencity

It's amazing what a big variety of neighborhoods Hamburg has to offer. Every day spent in the city felt like wandering around a different one. A very unique quarter is Hafencity. Where new meets old and especially the industrial character of the city shows off.

I immediately imagined having a little office there, biking to work every morning passing all the pretty channels that are running next to the streets. Having my morning coffee in Fleetschlösschen, one of the cutests cafes of the neighborhood and take lunch breaks overlooking the water. Haha, as long as I can dream... :-)