We arrived in Australia! Melbourne is the first city that we visited and we decided to stay a little longer than just a few days. This city is so alive, there's so much to see and to do so we will take our time to discover it all. We found a little apartment in Fitzroy (our favorite neighborhood so far) and now we're enjoying the sunny christmas days in our lovely little neighborhood (we have a open air swimming pool next door!).

I liked this city from the moment we arrived here. It has a real relaxed atmosphere and some arty vibes. The streets are filled with nice little shops, bars and restaurants (sometimes on rooftops) and there's a beach AND a China town, do I need to say more? There's graffiti and street art everywhere, I just don't know where to look first.

One of my friends from Leuven (Anna-belle) is also traveling in Australia at the moment and we were meeting here a few days ago. We visited the evening market and had some drinks together. The same day I bumped into a classmate (Michelle) from high school. She is living in Sydney and was visiting Melbourne this week with her parents. How come this world is so small?! But okay, it's nice to see some familiar faces.



Our last days in New Zealand. We spent them in Christchurch because we had our flight the Melbourne, Australia from this airport. I didn't really know what to expect from this city and was surprised by everything we saw.

Christchurch was the victim of some earthquakes about two years ago and the damage is still visible. The city center is still closed and you can see the collapsed buildings. They did some efforts to create a new place to live and enjoy the city in the RE:start mall. A mall built with containers that has some nice shops and cafes.



We left Queenstown behind and started our trip to the east coast. From Dunedin to Oamaru and Lyttleton near Christchurch. The roads were not as spectacular as the west coast and there was not as much to see but we enjoyed it.

Dunedin was bigger than expected, we slept in our car at a view point over the harbor and needed a lot of coffee afterwards. We found a lovely little cafe with old couches, great coffee and delicious cinnamon pins. We continued in the direction of Oamaru. Found a nice camping spot and spent the day in Oamaru. We noticed there was a lot to see so we stayed another day to see the penguins, the Mouraki boulders (the rocks on the beach) and have even more coffee in the lovely cafes in the old city center.

We drove in the direction of Christchurch while looking for a new camping spot but we couldn't find anything. We continued to Lyttleton, a little town next to Christchurch where we found another nice view point. We spent the night there while watching the beautiful sunset and sunrise in the morning. This was the first place where we saw the damage of the earthquake of a couple of years ago. There's more about it in my next post about Christchurch.



Time for a little trip to the famous Milford Sound. A place with a lot of mountains, rainbows, waterfalls, sea lions, water, cruises and the best views. We arrived there on an exceptional sunny day after the road had been closed for a little while because of the bad weather. Just another great day of this trip.