Why you should visit London's South Bank

I was planning to not visit any neighborhoods that have 'super tourist' written all over it on my trip with Thomas Cook. But when I decided to walk to Tate Modern next to the water, I ended up right in the middle of it... And surprisingly it was good... :)

First of all. It feels a bit like your outside of the big city, you can walk through the park with great views over the Thames and the London Skyline. Those are not just views on the skyline but also on the Big Ben tower and the Houses of Parliament. Yes yes, very touristy but very enjoyable. I also discovered some nice bars, street art (I'm repeating myself but I can't help myself) and of course... had another visit to Tate Modern. By far, one of my favorite European musea. Also worth the visit: the Tate Bookshop! Oh, please leave some time (and savings) for this one. You'll need it!


Big love for East London

It had been ages since I had been to London, one of my favorite European cities. You can imagine how excited I got, when I got invited by Thomas Cook to go on a trip with them. I immediately started to plan the whole thing. First here, then there. But then I arrived and realized... Time to relax, and get lost. Because after all, that's still the best way to experience and discover a city.

I thought I did know London a fair bit, but the more I go there, the bigger it's getting. This time I spend so much time in East London, I almost forgot about the rest of the city. East London, it's a party for your eyes. There's colorful murals and street art everywhere, extremely good looking people with great fashion styles and the coolest shops with the most amazing and original stuff. I just kept walking, taking pictures, trying the best street food, doing some people watching and mostly buying cool things I absolutely did not need. I got so inspired and energized by this all. So you can imagine I had a very hard time not to say - what the hell, I'm staying! (and also not to spend all my savings in one weekend)

Now I can almost hear you think you'd love to go too. So go check out Thomas Cook's website for some great deals!