daintier rain forest, a jungle with crocodiles

During our stay in Cairns, Tara and I visited the Daintree rain forest. It's one of the largest tropical rain forests of Australia. We did some crocodile spotting in a little boat in the mangroves, went to some beaches, walked around and did some kayaking. Just a fun day in the Australian jungle :-) Here are some of the pictures:

First spotted crocodile!


great barrier reef snorkeling in cairns

Hello! I'm back! My friend Tara visited me the past few weeks and we were busy visiting Sydney & surroundings and we did a lovely trip to Cairns. These are the pictures of our great snorkeling experience in the world's largest coral reef, also known as the Great Barrier Reef.

The reef was the main reason to travel to Cairns. After a three hour flight we arrived in this little city. Very touristy and not really my type of travel destination I'd say. Think: people trying to sell you stuff everywhere and only tourists, no locals... That's why we didn't really spend time in the city itself. We visited a nearby beach town and spent a day in the rainforest. But especially the day we spent at the reef was the best. Here are the pics of our little under water camera :-)

Thanks to Tara for some of these pictures!


pretty pretty bondi, sunsets and seagulls

Pretty Pretty Bondi. I managed to shoot these crazy skies at the beach the past weeks. Rainbows, colorful skies and the full moon are part of the 'winter' here in Australia. Just lovely!


Disposable camera snapshots of sydney

A selection of the disposable camera I bought in May. Snapshots of the everyday life in Sydney and Bondi :-)


Melbourne in winter

To be honest, I completely forgot I ever took these pictures on this trip. Since I took about 1 million pics when I was in Melbourne for the first time in summer I didn't think that it was possible to shoot things that I hadn't caught on film yet. But anything is possible. This is a tiny little collection of another load of Melbourne pictures.

Lots of things were the same since I swapped this lovely city for Sydney but lots of things had changed as well. The sun had changed into a dark cloud and sweating in a summers dress became freezing in my warmest sweater. Sounds a bit depressing but it wasn't. In a way the city was still very alive and I loved how the street art had changed everywhere. In the 3 days we spent there we managed to go to almost all my favorite bars, cafes and restaurants (you know, I just love eating), watched an AFL game (it was the first time I ever saw it and no, I didn't understand it at all) and just wandered around. The last day of our stay I met up with Carolien, a friend from Leuven who had just arrived and will stay in Melbourne for another 6 months to study...

I probably won't be back very soon in Melbourne but who knows in a year or two, we might meet again :-)