This lady who picked us up when we were hitchhiking was super enthusiastic about Rotorua. She was like 'ooh it's such a lovely place and there's so much to do and see' and that's pretty much what every Kiwi has been saying but we kind of managed to do and see everything we wanted in just one day...

First of all, we slept in our tent for the first time. Luxury-camping on a campsite with a swimmingpool and some thermal spa pools (and still on a budget). We did some touristy things like a very expensive but entertaining Maori evening. This is the part where Joke found the first 'love of her life' (of this trip): the 'Maori chief' of the show.

I wanted to see some of the boiling mudpools as well (this is what Rotorua is known for) but this didn't fit in the budget anymore (thanks to the Maori show) so we managed to see some of them for free! And thanks to the guy who picked us up the next day when we were trying to hitchhike to Taupo, we got to bathe in this hot thermal river as well!

So on the second last picture, you can see the chief on the right for those who are interested ;-)
And this last picture is a waterfall in the hot thermal river!

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