Hi there, we are still in the Auckland region and I'd love to share some new pictures with you... Prepare yourself for the beauty of NZ!

We decided to go on a nice saturday trip with Beate, Reinhart and their daughter Johanna. Only one hour drive from their house, we found a lovely place called 'Huia' in the west of Auckland. Nice views, turquoise water and a lot of beautiful exotic plants. It started raining quiet hard so we decided to take a walk in the forest. This place is called 'Karamatura'. It was a real wilderness (with a nice path to walk on). There used to be a lot of old trees but they were cut down by the Kiwis to build their wooden houses. Years later, they constructed a new forest with a lot of exotic plants (as you can see in the pictures).

The last stop of the day was the beach of Whatipu. We had to drive on a small steep road to get there. Maybe a little scary but totally worth it! The beach was surrounded by amazing plants, in a nice green color and the sand was black. I'm not sure if I ever saw something as beautiful as this place in my entire life! There was a lot of wind and a nice wild sea. We couldn't get enough of it so we tried to visit some caves in the neighborhood but because of the rain it was kind of impossible to get there...

Tomorrow we will hitchhike to Rotorua, in the center of the north island. I'll keep you posted!

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