Barcelona's architecture

One of the main reasons for visiting Barcelona in our case was the architecture. Especially the buildings by Antoni Gaudi. I had seen them before but now, we decided to go in and admire his unusual work. Couldn't resist to take some tourist shots to share with you :)


Barcelona streets

I had only been to Barcelona in summer and in my head this city was located in a non stop sun bubble. This time, during our trip to Barcelona, we saw as much rain in one day as during one week in Belgium.

At first we had no clue. The sky was grey but at least it was warm. While exploring the beautiful Barcelona streets suddenly the air cracked open and liters of water fell out. We where stuck and had to hide in a laundromat shop (just when we thought all our household tasks were done before we left). Since we already were soaking wet, we decided to just run back to the hotel where I came to the conclusion I only had one pair of shoes with me, oops! (I'm trying light weight traveling these days)

When I thought it couldn't go worse.... Ok no, this was the worst part ;) The next day the sun came back out like it never left, t-shirt weather was officially declared and we celebrated with tapas and sangria!

Also a big thanks to everyone who shared tips for this lovely city! We had a blast and a lot of good food ;)