Afternoon in Brussels

Since I moved back to my hometown a couple of months ago, there's nothing I love more than escape the city on my day off. Especially if I can escape it by swapping it for another one. Brussels is one of the cities that is the closest by train, so now and then (especially on sunny days like the day I took these photos) I go there for a bit of walking and a lot of vintage shopping.

Vintage shopping? Yes. I honestly don't think we have a better city in Belgium for it. There's a daily flee market at the Vossenplein that I love and there's heaps of vintage clothing and furniture shops. Especially the furniture ones make my heart melt. Unfortunately I got an expensive taste in furniture design so for now on, it's just watching ;) and taking pictures of course!


Hallo Amsterdam!

Every trip to Amsterdam is like love at first sight. I kind of keep on forgetting how much beauty there can be in just one place. The beautiful colors of the houses in combination with the green of all the trees makes me jump around of happiness. Or am I just doing that because I get high of breathing in the Amsterdam air? It might be a combination of both but if I walk around in this city, I sometimes wonder: was I born in the wrong place or is it my travel addiction taking over and making me want to live everywhere..?

Let me share you the first series of pictures of this little hitchhiking trip to Amsterdam!