Last pictures of Hamburg

Suddenly it occurred to me that I still have some Hamburg goodness to share with you!

If you have been reading my blog the past months or years, you might have noticed that I basically want to move everywhere I go. So this might not come as a surprise to you but this happened to me again in Hamburg. While walking through this city, all I could think of was: so why am I living in Belgium again? ;) I just loved how green the streets are. Trees, plants and tiny gardens everywhere. That in combination with lots of street art and don't forget about all the cosy little bars, cool shops and great restaurants. It gave me a mini Berlin feeling and that was all I needed to return home with a big smile on my face. Hamburg, you just scored lots of points! See you next time :)


Morning walk in Heverlee, Belgium

We found this beautiful flower field close to our new home so this one morning we woke up early to take some pictures and have a little walk around. It looks amazing during the day but it obviously looks even more stunning in the early morning with the sun rising. This is how you start your day with a good mood :)


Amsterdam by night

I just couldn't resist taking these photos while walking back to the hotel after our Amsterdam dinner. If you thought Amsterdam was pretty by day, did you try walking around at night?!


All the happy bikers in Amsterdam

One of the main things that makes Amsterdam so awesome must be the bicycles. It looks like bikes took over the place, and that they make cars look like they belong to another decade. All the happy bikers in the world are gathered in this one place. Let's be honest, this must be some kind of heaven.

But it's not just bikes. The Dutch know how to bike and especially how to design them. I wondered if there is some sort of code, that only allows you to bike around on pretty bicycles. In Belgium, we all drive our granny's bikes. Old, broken or ugly, it doesn't really matter. As long as your car is shiny, you'll be fine. It is like the opposite thing is happening in Amsterdam. Everyone has shiny new bikes with extraordinary designs, and they're obviously proud to drive it around. And yes, why wouldn't they be? Riding around on their pretty bikes makes them fit and I bet it makes them happy!

Let me share some of the beauties found on my little trip there. Bikes I can only dream of straight out of the city I am dreaming of. :)