We started hitchhiking at a servicestation in Auckland. We asked this lovely kiwi couple (Hannah and Hayden) for a ride and they took us to Matamata, a village that you might know from the movie 'The lord of the rings'. We had never heard of it and we did not visit the filmset but we did like it a lot!

We started talking in the car, they had been traveling for a year in Europe and shared some stories with us. We decided to make a stop in Matamata. When we arrived there, Hannah showed us the deer farm where they are living now. A lot of deer and some babydeers! A beautiful place with an amazing view and a lot of wind (the chickens were almost blown away...). We loved it. Hannah took us on a nice walk to the waterfall of Wairere. She offered us to stay at their place and we had a great time there. We picked some fruit from their orangetree, got some delicious avocados from their avocadotree (isn't this amazing?!), had a great dinner with some NZ beers and cider, and had a bath with a view in the garden of their neighbors. Life is good.

The following morning, Hannah dropped us on the road to Rotorua. We only had to wait for about 10 minutes before this nice lady picked us up.

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