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A last post to share that.... Not only can you read the new blog here: www.elsewhere-blog.com 
You can follow us on the new Bloglovin' account here! (since this one will no longer be linked.... )
See you soon!



Just to let you know that I just launched the NEW ELSEWHERE BLOG. You can find the new blog on: www.elsewhere-blog.com !
See you there!!


Blog break

Weeks have passed and I haven't tried to stimulate your wanderlust with one picture. It's time for a little break...

Not the kind of break where I'm lying on a sunny beach in Koh Tao, drinking coconuts on the beach. Reading so many books I had to bring an extra suitcase, eating pad thai for breakkie and forgetting which day of the week it is (I wish!). This is more the kind of 'break' where I'm dreaming of all this. A little blog stop that will lead to my real break. Working 2 jobs. Illustrating, designing and sales advising my days away. Trying to save up for big projects. And as some of you might know, I'm not the best time manager so this came down first.

But Hey! No worries, I'll be back. With more pictures than you could wish for. In the meantime I'd like to say THANKS for all, you lovely readers. Still visiting my little blog like crazy! Hope we meet again very soon!


For those who can't wait another couple of weeks, I'm still instagramming! Follow me @tinne or on the Elsewhere FB page!


BCN snapshots

If winters were spent in Barcelona they wouldn't be as bad. Or at least that's what I think :) no winter blues feeling in the tiny streets of this beautiful city. These are another bunch of lost pictures of Barcelona. Some of them already shared through instagram (@tinne), sorry for repeating myself, but I threw in some unpublished ones too!

All photos are taken with my phone for once... I got myself a new iPhone and basically as soon as I had it in my hand, my good camera became "the other one". The quality of the pictures is so good for such a tiny camera, it makes me so happy ;) And it allows me to take pictures of anything because it lives in my pocket every day :)


Barcelona's architecture

One of the main reasons for visiting Barcelona in our case was the architecture. Especially the buildings by Antoni Gaudi. I had seen them before but now, we decided to go in and admire his unusual work. Couldn't resist to take some tourist shots to share with you :)