first impressions of bali

Again, it's been a while. I spent 3 weeks with my friends Nele and Fien in Bali, Lombok and the Gili Islands. This great trip started in Kuta, a place that I wouldn't really recommend because to be honest, it's not really worth going there unless you're into discotheques and fake brand shopping. But I have to admit that I had a great time there the first 2 days.

When I first arrived I met up with Stijn and Peter, 2 friends from Ghent that I know from college. The next day Fien and Nele arrived and we met up with Fien's sister and her boyfriend. Yes, a lot of Belgians in one place. Definitely great to speak Flemish all day and laugh with the good old days in school :-) AND the best part: I got to eat 'stoofvlees met frieten' (some great Belgian dish) in a little Belgian restaurant! Instant happiness. There are not a lot of pictures but there will be more blogposts about the rest of the trip the next days/weeks.

It was great to arrive in Asia again. There's just something happening ALL the time. The first day, we found a baby turtle on the beach and saw how a little shop got on fire and how dozens of locals put out the fire with little buckets. And then of course all the Indonesians trying to sell us something (which kept on going for the rest of the trip). I cannot count how many times people asked: transport? massage? buy? sarong? manicure? taxi? just looking? bracelet? hellooo misssss, hellooo ladyyy ... Only in Asia. What can I say.


byebye bondi, time for a new adventure!

Last day in Bondi! Today I moved out the Awesome beach apartment where I've been living in for the past 6 months and packed all my bags to travel some more... The day after tomorrow I'll be meeting up with my amazing friends (Nele and Fien) from Ghent! We used to live together in school (peda) during high school and kept in touch for all these years. Now it's been over 10 months since I've seen them so it's about time for a little reunion party :-) We decided to meet up in Bali, so that's where I'm flying to tomorrow :-) I'm very excited and will be sharing the pictures as soon as possible!

So the plans for the next months: September is for Bali and Lombok. At the end of the month Nele and Fien are flying back to Belgium and I'll be flying back to Sydney to work some more and enjoy the spring / summer time! I also booked a flight back to Belgium :-l (no, this is not a joke, you read it very well...) so I should be back in our little rainy country in the middle of November... for a little visit ;-) !


the royal national park in Sydney

I have the impression that not a lot of travelers have been to the national park before. But I would definitely recommend going there! It's pretty easy to get there by car but Tara and I decided to go by public transport (a train to Cronulla and a ferry to Bundeena) which was a little longer but fine as well (just that we had to hurry, not to say run to catch that last ferry back home oops :-) ) But we enjoyed a lovely winters day walking through the park taking another one billion pictures... What can I say, that's what we do ;-)


palm cove relaxing

A day at the beach of Palm Cove. Just a regular sun - eat - relax day at this beautiful beach (about 30k from Cairns). Only a tiny little bit disturbing: the watch out sign for (the deadly) box jelly fish and crocodiles... Oh well yeah, what can I say... Welcome to Australia. ;-)