After our long long flights, we finally arrived in Auckland, New Zealand. Beate and Reinhart, our previous neighbors from Leuven who just moved here, picked us up at the airport. We slept like babies and decided to visit the city center of Auckland the following day. To be honest, I heard some bad things about Auckland, but I have to say I don't agree.

The first thing I noticed was how diverse Auckland is, the architectural styles of this city are at least as multicultural as its inhabitants. A mix of 'old' (since 1841), new buildings and a lot of nature. I was amazed by these (for me) tropical parks where I saw parrots and impressive trees. We had a long walk from downtown all the way to K'road, Albert park, Auckland domain and Parnell.

Sometimes I have a feeling I'm in Asia: there are so many Asian people, shops and restaurants here. Sushi on every street corner! And they cross the crossroads diagonal... Sometimes it feels like America (not that I've ever been there but I've seen it on television ;-). And of course it feels British too... But the best part is, it feels like holidays, in a far far country!

I took the last two pictures in the neighborhood where we're staying, it's called Kohimarama. It has a nice beach with turquoise water, a view on a volcano and a Belgian beer café let's say, I feel at home already.

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