Elsewhere Guide to Belgium

Belgium. Bel-what?! Yes, dear non European reader, I can hear you wonder: what the hell is that? Because of some experiences I had in the past, in which an Australian thought he had been there since it is the capital city of Denmark, a funny Kiwi couple had never ever heard of it (even though they knew every other European country by name), and Americans in general thought it's the capital city of Brussels, I think it's about time to clear this one up, once and for all!

Belgium is a tiny country located in between the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France. The capital city is called Brussels (so hey, not the other way around), which also happens to be the capital city of Europe! Belgians have three national languages which are Flemish, French and German. But basically everybody speaks a fair bit of English too. They love their national foods (mostly fries and deserts like waffles) and their drinks (which basically is the word for beers). The country is filled with little cities, all provided of a good amount of Medieval buildings and great architecture. This already sounds like fun right? Anyways, last but not least (and this is where I get to the point), it's a great place to visit on your Euro trip!

So where to go? Here's my advice:


Let's start with touristy level 100. And with level 100 I mean: busses full of tourists arriving to get some pics, try the waffles and hop, to the next country! But hey, who can blame them. This city is on the UNESCO heritage list after all so we should be proud of it. At least this put Belgium a bit on the map :) So what is so special about it? It is a small medieval city, with lots of tiny streets and channels running through. So I'd say, if you're in your tourist mode, you should definitely go. If you're not in your tourist mode, just go for some food: there's lot's of places where you can try our delicious stew and fries dishes. Also perfect to get you're granny a super touristy souvenir, which I bet she will appreciate ;) Click here for pictures...


This city often got a negative connotations, but I just think that is rubbish. If you know where to go, you'll easily have a very good stay in our capital city! It's bursting with young and creative businesses, great musea and upcoming neighborhoods. It's definitely worth the try, just promise me not to spend to much time in the touristy parts! - unless you're trying some world famous Belgian fries of course! Click here for pictures...


The fashion capital of Belgium. If you like to go shopping, do not forget to make a stop over here! Well known fashion designers like Dries van Noten and Ann Demeulemeester, once graduated at the Royal Academy of Arts in this city, so you shouldn't be surprised to find amazing shops and one shopping street after another. There's also a fashion museum, which is something to recommend too. Feet hurting yet? Pretty sure you'll find a cool coffeeshop or lunch spot to take a little rest. Click here for pictures...


My favorite one. It is at least as pretty as Bruges not to say prettier. The center is filled with little channels and very old buildings to dream away! The reason why I like it so much? This city has a amazing vibe. Lots of cultural things happening and cool little businesses are taking over the place. Lots of art things going on too, since there's a couple of great art schools located in the center. Ghent is Europe at its best!! Click here for pictures...


A tiny city just 15 minutes from Brussels (by train). What's unique about it? The students keep this city alive with lots of events (only during the week), it's the hometown of the Stella Artois beer (mostly consumed by... students haha) and it is the home of the longest bar in Europe! Also there's a few architectural delights, which you don't want to miss out on. Last but not least, lots of nice little bars, coffee places etc. have been popping up in the city lately! Click here for pictures...

Want to know more? I'm working on detailed guides for every city :) !

For now, only cities on the Flemish side. Will be taking care of the French part soon!


  1. I'll make sure to come back to this post before going to Belgium :)
    Btw., i love the drawings!

    1. Thanks Ula!! That's great! Hopefully by then, I have some more detailed guides for every city ready too! :)

  2. Belgium is a beautiful country with great people indeed - absolutely worth visiting! Love the illustrations btw :) Looking forward to the full guides!


    1. Thanks Sandy!! It took me a while to realize... But I do have to say, after spending 13 months abroad, that I'm a proud Belgian now ;)