After our visit to Bangkok, we continued our trip to Laos. We took this train to Vientiane, because we thought it would be nicer than a busride, and again, we were wrong. Air conditioning isn't so nice when it's way too cold... But we got some nice hot tea in the morning and amazing views so that made everything ten times better.

We didn't spend a lot of time in the capital city (Vientiane), we decided to go to Vang Vieng right away. Vang Vieng where tubing is all you want to do. We loved it! You basically go a lot of bars by tube, on the river. There are a lot of activities in those bars and you get cocktails in buckets. People look like (drunk) hippies with a lot of paint on their bodies and everyone's having the best time. All of this takes place during the day, when it's getting darker everyone goes to parties in the city. The day after isn't so nice, you can imagine... But they have a lot of videobars in Vang Vieng. In these bars you can get something to eat or to drink and watch a lot of episodes of Friends or Family Guy. Great idea if you have to get rid of your hangover!

We decided not to waste our hangover day so we took a bus to Luang Prabang, an hangoverbus with a lot of hangover people. When we arrived in the city it was all dark and dead, they have a curfew and everything was closed by the time we arrived (due to a lot of problems on the road). The following day I was surprised by this little wonderful city. Everything was really peaceful and quiet, exactly what we needed! We did a nice trip to waterfalls with the people from our hangoverbus and spend some time in a bar called 'Utopia', best bar ever. I should also recommend the evening market and the monks who come out in the early morning!

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