Some cities never sleep. Bangkok is definitely one of them. And of course we realised that a little too late. After our long flight we decided to drop our luggage and get something to eat. We weren't thinking about the location of the hotel so we just got ourselves a room in Kaoh San Road. If you have been there, you probably know that that's not such a good idea. Well if you haven't been there it's quiet easy to explain: market by day, discotheque by night. Not really helping with our jetlags.

But of course the second day made us almost forgot this night. We started with some nice fried rice breakfast and started wandering around. What an amazing city. I loved all the little markets and the big weekend marked (it kind of reminded me of the market in Camden Town, in London). We had a lot of fun on all the tuktuk rides, visited a lot of golden temples and buddhas. From the touristy part to the fancy shoppingmall part (it was so warm outside we just wanted a little cold of the air conditioning) to the part where we tried some really disgusting green jelly thing in China town. There are so many things to see, it's crazy. It was my first time in Asia and really I didn't know where to look first!


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  2. Hey Tinne, I'm Thai. If you come to Thailand again, I really recommend you to go to Chiangmai or Phi Phi Island. The nature was very nice. I beg you will get a lot of beautiful shots there. :)

    1. Great!! Thanks for the tip :-) I've heard a lot of good things about these places so I will definitely come back to check it out ;-)