Brazil, the country where I was dreaming of. Okay, I have to be honest, I dream a lot. But Brazil was and still is a country that captures to my imagination. So this one day in january 2010, I was a little impulsive and booked myself a trip to Brazil.

So here are some snapshots of my trip. I flew to Salvador de Bahia first, there was some time to explore the city and surroundings. We tried local food, went to music and dance performances, enjoyed the great caipirinha cocktail and I discovered the beauty of bossa nova music, wow! The next stop was Lençois, a beautiful village in the province of Bahia. This is the most colorful village I ever saw! After a few days in Lençois, we did a hike in Chapada Diamantina, a national park. It was a three day hike with a lot of climbing, snakes and beautiful views. I can really recommend this one! After the hike there was some time for rest and parties (in a local reggae bar). This was the first part of the trip.

The second part started in Rio de Janeiro. Where I was impressed by the Tijuca national park. A crazy big jungle inside the city. After sightseeing in Rio, we did a trip to Paraty, a little historic city at the costa verde and a trip to Ilha Grande. I liked this one a lot! It's a really beautiful island where we spent some time snorkeling, hiking, finding beautiful beaches, ... That doesn't sound bad at all right?! The trip ended with some parties in Rio. Time to go home... I was really tired but also really satisfied!


  1. A-ha, just the inspiration I need, I'm flying to Rio in less than a month and I am both nervous and excited :)

    1. I'm excited for you! It's just such a great place, I'd love to go there again :-) Enjoy!

  2. Geweldige foto's!