The climb of mount batur in bali

And then, there was that morning... I mean... that night, that we woke up at 1:30AM to climb a volcano. The only time we met other Belgians was actually while climbing this mountain. So we weren't the only crazy people doing extremely active stuff at night! A lot of sweat and a bit of blood (it's not easy climbing volcanos when it is dark) later we made it to the top. Too bad we didn't realize before how cold it actually would be at the top. And yes... I have to say... very cold. Probably the only time we weren't sweating in the whole trip! But we made it before sunrise and the views were amazing, so we got a very nice reward for our effort! (And we got some nice Balinese massages later that day to spoil ourselves as well ;-) ).


  1. oh, wow, moet een geweldige ervaring zijn !

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