Paradise living, the gill islands in Indonesia

About the pictures: we made a stop on the Gili Islands on our way to Lombok. We visited 2 of these 3 tiny paradises. The first one was Gili Meno. A really quiet island (no cars and no scooters HURRAY - but horses), which is great for relaxing. However, everyone is still trying to sell stuff to you but I guess that's just Asia... There's not a lot to see or to do but it's just gorgeous.

We stayed in a nice little hotel in the middle of the island (the island is really small so it was still close to the beach). Great place, just didn't enjoy their breakfast that much after we noticed the smell of cat pee, and later all the cats (and they don't have tails which makes it kind of scary) in and around the little restaurant... After 2 days we felt like we had seen it all and we kind of had enough of it so we took a little boat to the next Island where there was a little bit more going on :-) (photo's will follow) !

Another thing (besides the traffic) that was different than Bali is the religion. There are no temples on this island. There is just one big mosque. Yep, that means every couple of hours (including very early hours in the morning) prayers through the speakers of the mosque... Not what we expected but we got used to it very quickly and like the locals we met would say it: 'this is Gili Meno Style'.

A few updates from Sydney (where I am at the moment...):
  • For those who didn't know yet. Cancelled my flight, won't be back in the beginning of November like planned... Yes, I am coming back but just a little bit later :-) 
  • Moved into a new place in Darlinghurst! It's a tiny little studio, close to the city and still pretty close to the beach as well. Unfortunately internet has been a pain so now I spend my days in the Library... 
  • I've been working on some great illustration projects lately! So busy busy busy!! 
  • Enjoying the lovely hot summer weather :-) 
  • And no, like some of you thought, I did not melt in a bush fire... 

See you soon!


  1. Ik blijf zo genieten van je foto's, en woorden
    Vooral omdat het delen van de wereld zijn waar ik nooit echt heel erg naar heb verlangd, maar waar ik nu zo graag zelf op onderzoek uit zou willen gaan :)

    Geniet van je extra tijd daar!

  2. That's how Thai people cut their pineapples too! That way none of hte pieces have eyes :) I love your photos as always, and as always am envious of your life.


  3. Yes they do!! So pretty isn't it? Thanks for the nice words :-)

  4. Great country, awesome pictures!

  5. Babe gespot op 't strand!