aussie happiness

Yesterday made me so happy. First of all, I went on my little morning walk on the coastal walk from Bondi to Bronte. Nothing special you'd think but when I arrived in Bronte, I noticed that everyone was looking at the ocean. Literally everyone. So I had a look as well... A group of dolphins was passing the coastline. Jumping in and out of the water. Just amazing. While I was walking back I could see them swim from Bronte to Bondi. I did not expect to see that! That would definitely NEVER happen at home. Please, can I stay here forever?!

Later that day, in the evening, the girls and I noticed a nice little rainbow in North Bondi when we were looking at the ocean from our balcony. I decided to go outside to take a picture and while walking back I saw this beautiful thing. I did't even need to photoshop these pictures, they're just perfect! Pretty pretty Bondi, pretty pretty Australia.

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