After a few days on the road with our new car I finally got used to all the curvy and steep NZ roads. You have to drive really concentrated to make sure you don't and up in the ocean or 100m lower in 1 second. I'm lucky to have my personal dj Joke with me in the car and that all these roads are so breathtaking.

We started driving from north to south at the west coast. We tried to stay in places with nice names. We camped on a field in a little town called 'Woodstock' (this fits in our new gypsy & hippie life) and slept next to the beach in 'Charleston'. We had to sleep in our car because of the bad windy and rainy weather. We did not try to shower in this sea because it was a little too wild. But we were lucky to find a little tap with rainwater. While 'showering' we got attacked by hundreds of sandflies, some sort of mosquito. And they didn't stop attacking us ever since. We bought some new anti-mosquito things but unfortunately, that didn't help at all. Well, I guess we'll get used to it, it's not the worst thing, just a little annoying.

While driving we stopped a lot just to enjoy the view and of course to take a lot of pictures. We saw the rough coastline of the south island, a lot of weird rocks (they call them 'pancake rocks') and dream VW vans - really why are they not for sale?! Our little car gets messier every day - we tried cleaning but that's just not working out. And the weather got worse while driving southwards and there's even some snow on the top of the hills. But that's fine, as long as we can keep on wearing shorts and havaianas, I will be one happy girl.

I made some postcards - they're flying to Belgium right now! Please check your mailbox!

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  1. Baby olie helpt tegen sandflies! Die kunnen daar niet door bijten ;)