Last pictures of Hamburg

Suddenly it occurred to me that I still have some Hamburg goodness to share with you!

If you have been reading my blog the past months or years, you might have noticed that I basically want to move everywhere I go. So this might not come as a surprise to you but this happened to me again in Hamburg. While walking through this city, all I could think of was: so why am I living in Belgium again? ;) I just loved how green the streets are. Trees, plants and tiny gardens everywhere. That in combination with lots of street art and don't forget about all the cosy little bars, cool shops and great restaurants. It gave me a mini Berlin feeling and that was all I needed to return home with a big smile on my face. Hamburg, you just scored lots of points! See you next time :)


  1. I just love all your photography, Tinne! First photo of the post is my favorite – so green! Also I'm just like you, I want to move to every place I visit :) xx

    Tee | http://www.rotten-one.com

    1. Ha! another one of that kind ;) well, at least it's fun! :)