Melbourne in winter

To be honest, I completely forgot I ever took these pictures on this trip. Since I took about 1 million pics when I was in Melbourne for the first time in summer I didn't think that it was possible to shoot things that I hadn't caught on film yet. But anything is possible. This is a tiny little collection of another load of Melbourne pictures.

Lots of things were the same since I swapped this lovely city for Sydney but lots of things had changed as well. The sun had changed into a dark cloud and sweating in a summers dress became freezing in my warmest sweater. Sounds a bit depressing but it wasn't. In a way the city was still very alive and I loved how the street art had changed everywhere. In the 3 days we spent there we managed to go to almost all my favorite bars, cafes and restaurants (you know, I just love eating), watched an AFL game (it was the first time I ever saw it and no, I didn't understand it at all) and just wandered around. The last day of our stay I met up with Carolien, a friend from Leuven who had just arrived and will stay in Melbourne for another 6 months to study...

I probably won't be back very soon in Melbourne but who knows in a year or two, we might meet again :-)


  1. Heel erg mooie foto's! :)

  2. Lovely Melbourne! Heb een leuke paar dagen daar gehad, al waren die veeeeel te kort :)

    1. O ja het is geweldig :-) ben er 4 weken blijven plakken in december en januari en zelfs dat was niet genoeg ;-)