bondi living

Living in Bondi. It feels like home but with a giant beach in the front yard. I found a job to keep myself occupied. No in fact, I found 2 jobs. And... The second job found me. I'm a receptionist at a company that sells medical products... and the other job is a little more exciting. I started working as a freelance graphic designer and my first project is a project that I only could have been dreaming of! More about that later.

I thought the autumn would have started by this time in Australia but I was wrong. The weather is still great, the sun is still shining. Except for the first day when I started working... I arrived soaking in my clothes thanks to a lovely shower while waiting for the bus. Good first impression, check. But I can't complain. When I wake up, the first thing I want to do is jump in the ocean and swim all day long. This endless summer is the best. We have barbecues on our ocean view balcony and now and then I actually go for a little swim in the sea. I'm a little curious what 'winter' will be like but I have a feeling it will be nothing like a real Belgian winter. I don't think that months of snow, melting snow, rain and more rain will be part of the season!

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