We had to say goodbye to the beautiful Gili Islands eventually and we moved on to Lombok. The less touristic version (and I dare to say the more appreciated by us) version of Bali. We visited Senggigi, a little harbor town and Kuta Lombok, a surfspot in the south of the island. Not that we surfed there but we enjoyed the beaches and the great great weather.

The whole trip I hadn't been eating a lot (except for white oreo cookies, oooppsss), because I wasn't that fond of the food there (Yeah, What?!?!). Not that I really hated it because we did have some great GadoGado and Fried Rice in Ubud but I also had some little stones in it once, and the very common black hairs where working against my appetite... But I have to say, we had some great feeds in Lombok! The best curry of the trip, in this little warung in Senggigi and I swapped banana pancakes for pineapple pancakes which worked better for me ;-)

After a little beach party in Gili Air (sorry no pictures), we couldn't wait for a similar party in Lombok. Unfortunately, there weren't enough people I guess. We did have a great night at some reggae bar with live music. The band only played Bob Marley songs, I think they knew how to play 10 of them so they played it over and over again... Lucky for us, we had Fien with us who performed a little song as well later at night :-)

And then, there was the way back to Bali, to catch our planes back to Belgium for the girls and Sydney for me... It included moments that I honestly thought I was going to die and at the same time moments Nele got rid of her fear for water and boats... Or not? Well let me explain, because we had some bad experiences with the first fast boat we took to get to the islands (think big waves, we were on the deck, everything soaking in salty water, including my laptop, passports and our cameras... Luckily, everything is still alive!!) we decided to go with another company. Some local had recommended this one because it was even faster. AND YES it was faster but SO fast that people started throwing up, the boat started making the loudest noises and we kind of thought the boat would break in two. Which didn't happen. Of course. But still haha :D it was a big adventure!!!

To end this with some positive notes: this island is just wonderful and we just had the best trip! Another thank you to Fien and Nele for joining and making this trip so nice & hopefully we can redo this / make it a tradition to do some travels now and then! :-)


  1. Ahh I always love your photos! You take incredible portraits of people especially. Do you usually ask them before you take them?


  2. Prachtige foto's weer zoals altijd. Ik vind het mooi hoe je het echte leven hier hebt vastgelegd.
    Heb je mijn berichtje op fb nog gezien?? groetjes

  3. Beautiful imagery. I love your eye.


  4. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Wat een reizen, en wat een foto's! Ik ben jaloers, heel mooi :)

  5. Anonymous3:25 AM

    I love your photos, theyre awesome and do such a great job of taking me back to my trip there. Stunning thanks for sharing.

  6. Hee wat een fijne blog en portfolio heb je! Ik wil je Paris in a box!!!!
    Snap ik het nu goed dat je in Australie woont en vanuit daar al deze geweldige reizen maakt? Supertof!
    Haha die boot, herkenbaar, ik was ooit met een vriendinnetje op vakantie in corfu waar we met een boot op excursie gingen.... echt iiieeeeeeeeedereeen was alleen maar aan het spugen en vallen en verschrikkelijk. wij konden het zelf vrij goed houden maar we kwamen zo naar terug! bleeeeegh haha!

  7. Erg mooi foto's! En wat een leuke blog heb je!

  8. wow, great photos!

  9. Hi Tinne, I just found your blog from They Draw and Cook. I love your pictures, the angles and the tones are lovely. I'm glad that you had a pleasant holiday in my country. Sorry for the unexpected 'things' in your meals :p

    I'm now reading your travel journey posts, I wish I can go to places like you. Come again to Indonesia, there are still thousands of beautiful beaches to visit :)

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