Escaping autumn

Leafs have fallen and temperatures have dropped. It is officially time to look for warmer places to escape possible winter dips.

Luckily we already booked some flights (Barcelona's up next!) but in the meantime, all we can do is enjoy the rather cold sunshine that still finds a way to break through now and then. Since that doesn't happen that often, I decided to go for 'fresh air' / work breaks in the local botanical garden. Fifteen minutes in Australia. Or some tropical Asian country. That sometimes is all a travel addict needs to get through the day ;)


  1. Great photos as always, Tinne! looking forward to your post(s) on Barcelona :) I myself am not surviving well in these German temperatures and will be escaping to Morocco next week! x

    Tee | www.rotten-one.com

    1. wawwww lucky you! already planning new trips in my head to the south too! can't believe snow and stuff is already happening :( enjoy your trip!!

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  3. Nice photos! Is that a kind of filter you use to make them vaguer?