back in time, a trip to Turkey

About 5 years ago, the parents of one of my friends moved to Turkey. Perfect time to visit them! What was planned to be a 2 week trip during the easter holidays became a 3 week trip thanks to the erupting Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland (yes I had to look this up, and no I have no clue how to pronounce this). This was the perfect time to get to see different parts of the country.

I only knew Turkey from the pictures of some of my Facebook friends. Perfectly describable by the following words: hotel, swimming pool, beach and boring. I can not imagine myself going on a trip like this, so I wasn't sure what to expect. But one thing became clear from the first moment I arrived. Turkey is not just all-in hotels.

Okay, so no hotel lifestyle, what then? I have to admit... We did do some luxury hotel living at the end of the trip in Adana, in the South of Turkey. But that doesn't mean we were taking swimming pool selfies all day. We did trips in the neighborhood and enjoyed the amazing breakfast buffet the Hilton hotels have to offer... Seriously, never seen a buffet like that in my entire life. Well, that's something new I tried! But the best part of the trip was the first part.

The first days we spent at the home of my friends parents in Ankara. Got to know the city a bit which was pretty interesting. Then we made a trip to Cappadocia. Hiking, sleeping in cave B&Bs (yes in an actual cave, how cool is that!) and getting rewarded for all the hiking in a traditional hammam. After Cappadocia we made another trip, to Istanbul this time. Amazing. Great city, impressive in the first place. Would love to go back now that I'm a bit older and now my photography skills and gear got an upgrade. ;-)

Anyway, the pictures give a little impression of these 3 wonderful weeks in sunny Turkey!





  1. ooh ik zou zo graag eens naar Istanbul gaan!

    1. Ik zou ook heel graag eens terug gaan, echte aanrader :-)

  2. We are going to Turkey soon!! SOOOO excited! If you have any tips, send them my way!!! Love Katie ps- what lens did you use to take these? so pretty!

    1. Hi Katie :) I'm super excited for you !!!

      Well, definitely try all the food - it's amazing!!! My favorites were manti, pides and apple tea (basically drank it like if it was water). Also try a traditional hammam (not one for tourists I would say), and if you like to go hiking, I loved the hiking trails in Cappadocia, such a pretty country :-)

      I took these pictures with my old camera (I think it was a Canon EOS 350) with just a basic 18-55 lens...

      Enjoy!! :-)

  3. Ahhh, I'm heading to Turkey tomorrow and I'm so excited! This is just making it more!

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